Saturday, 11 April 2009

Beans and Peas

Another few feet of couch grass dug up, and now my broad beans (Aguadulce Supersimonia and Masterpiece Long Pod) and mange-tout peas (Golden Sweet) have a bed. In these pics, only the peas and the Aguadulce have been put in yet. The peas have rocket for company. Meanwhile, the flower bed has been planted with geraniums, strawberrys, alliums, dianthus, Anemone de Caen, and chionodoxa.

I don't have a great shot of my robin yet, but here he is anyway. (Note to American readers - yes, that's what we call a robin.) I was worried he and his wife might want to nest in the hedge, which still needs more clipping (I saw him feeding her worms, quite aggressively, one day); but they must have nested nearby to the north, as that's the direction he flies off in once he has filled his beak with grubs. He's a very talkative robin - whistles and mutters quietly the whole time.

Early April, a flower bed

My newest salad bed was getting a bit wind-lashed, so has a not-very-pretty, but quite effective, wind barrier of bubble wrap. I decided the next bed would be for flowers, as I had some impatient plantlets getting a bit bored of their pots. There turned out to be paving slabs under the turf here, which will come in handy elsewhere.

The cherry tree is in blossom, the daffodils are looking lovely, the primroses are still going strong, and we'll be having rhubarb crumble pretty soon.