Sunday, 2 May 2010


Looking more like a garden now, albeit a scruffy one.

I've planted out peas (Mange Tout Golden Sweet and Bijou, which are in spite of the name, giant mange tout) and Feltham First. I thought they might appreciate a bit of protection for a while so they have fleece wind barriers.

The beds are looking much fuller this year. I'm quite proud of the wallflower - I got a tray of neglected plants for 50p from a garden centre, and they've flourished! I gave some to my aunt too, so that 50p went quite a long way.
I never did get round to moving the rhubarb in the winter, but will do so at the end of the year. It's a daft place for it.
And yes, the grass really *does* need mowing. I will, I will.

Blossom snow; once again we had some fierce wind while the cherry tree was coming to the end of its blossom, which soon knocked it all to the ground, but I can see I have a good crop of cherries starting already. The Tuscan Kale, I'm letting go to seed, though I'm not sure if it will come true or not?

The grapevine springing back into life:

Alpine strawberry flowers

Forget-me-not - I don't think I had this last year, it must have seeded itself.


Some of last year's leaf beet has sprung back, which is just as well, as I can't seem to get any to germinate so far this year.

My very first gooseberry! I can see that something is at the leaves already, so I'd better keep an eye on it. I planted gooseberry, raspberry, and blackcurrant bushes last year, of which the raspberry was the only one to produce; hopefully I'll get something from all of them this year. The raspberry has also spread quite nicely.