Sunday, 16 August 2009

Mid June

Finally, an update...

'Moonlight' nasturtiums and some pinks. No idea what variety the pinks are, I got a tray of mixed dianthus end-of-season stragglers from Homebase, which made it through the winter in their polystyrene tray - tough little buggers!

The Goldensweet Mangetout in full spate. I'll grow these again next year; bar the odd pea moth here and there, they seemed pest-proof. I also want to try the giant green mangetout, likewise from Splashes of orange are the French Marigolds - I got a tray of them from Tesco. They have been great value, flowering away since I got them, adding a lovely colour to the garden which has really gone well with the sweet peas, pinks, nasturtiums etc.

Turnip greens (mid-left), leaf beet, and beetroot (front). Some various cabbages and sprouting broccoli in the middle, some kale and leaf beet to the back:

The teepee of nasturtiums looked lovely for a while - but once it started to yellow and suffer from blackfly, not so pretty, so I pulled it up.

Two purple cranesbill geraniums, one that I cadged from my Mum, the other from my aunt's friend Ruth.

Cherries from the cherry tree. I found that if I picked them just before they turned fully red, then I could beat the birds and wasps, who have to wait till they're soft. Then I ripened them off on the windowsill; I got about 6 or 7 kilos! Nice and sweet, too.