Friday, 2 October 2009

End of June

Oops, I am getting behind with this! OK, here are a few shots from the very end of June; sweetpeas and French marigolds giving lots of colour. In that respect, the marigolds have been fantastic value - still blooming energetically at time of writing (early October) and evidently they do feed the bees, at least the tinier ones, since they have produced masses of seed. Unless they are self-pollinating? I've never seen a bee on them, so I presume the nectar is incaccessible to larger insects.


  1. *When I say 'never seen a bee' on the marigolds, I mean a honey-bee-sized bee. I think that's a blurry bee on the orange flower there, of a tiny variety. I haven't managed to identify any teeny bees but I certainly do see them when I look hard enough.

  2. My marigolds weren't the double, double petal varieties you have, so I have seen large bees even bumblebees on them.

    Its nice to see you blogging again i look forward to reading all your updates.

  3. Hi Kella,
    I think, fantastic as the French marigolds have been for colour, vigour and health (and I like the smell, too) - I'll not go for doubles next year. Got to have all the bee plants I can! Just now, the sunflowers and the sedum are doing good business, and the nasturtiums have only just finished.
    Those marigolds were from Tescos, a tray for £3 the lot, and I gave some away as well. Shame they're double... (or 'double double', as you said.)