Saturday, 28 March 2009

Bed Two, Mid-March

In the first weeks of March, the first plot was completed, and planted up with mixed greens (red mustard, pak choi, mizuna, turnip greens, broccoli raab), and half of it covered with plastic. (Cloche wire donated by a friend, plastic cadged from the bin at Topps Tiles.) The plastic makes a big difference - the mustard greens are growing beautifully.

By the 3rd week, I'd dug the second bed (much more quickly than the first), constructed the frame from found timber (sides taken from a skip, ends from a pallet); planted up with more greens (all these being from the plug plants I've been over-wintering in the lean-to); and covered the second bed with netting. There are pigeons nearby, and I'm just waiting for their little brains to compute that I have a garden full of tasty brassicas... So far, even the snails don't seem to have noticed.

The milk bottles on the canes aren't very pretty; I'm looking for a more aesthetic solution. The grape hyacinths are in flower, and the bees love them - Hairy Footed Flower Bees, and Bumble Bees; I'll try to get a picture.

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