Wednesday, 25 March 2009

The Virgin Garden: November 6th, 2008

Here is the back garden as it was in November, when we arrived. The front half of the lawn is your ordinary actual lawn-grass; back half is the more problematic couch grass. The garden is on the western side of the house, so, looking out at it, we face west; looking back at the house from the garden, we're facing east. The great big overgrown Russian Vine along the fence is therefore in the prime south-facing position, which has helped it grow to super monster proportions. Also along that same side, is a concrete path, almost the length of the garden - which will have to come up at some point, as that's the absolute best place for sunny beds! The path should be on the other side, in the shadow of the wall and conifer hedge. There is also a concrete area in the middle of the garden, which I'll leave, and likewise a small paved area in front of the lean-to.

The large blue thing is an abandoned paddling pool, and the large white thing, an abandoned fridge - one of five appliances that were littered about the place, to our annoyance; one in the back garden, one in the front garden, and three in the lean-to. We had all these things taken away to the dump.

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