Saturday, 30 May 2009

More flying things

Another damsel fly; a shield bug; and, back to the actual gardening - my Golden Sweet mange tout producing nicely. Plus a pimpernel? I may be getting rather side-tracked into the micro-wildlife, but it's not all benign - I did get a couple of vicious little ant stings today. The ants think my beans are their aphid farm.


  1. I know what you mean about being side tracked by the micro wildlife,I'm also finding going into the garden with my camera has become more of a hinderance to getting things done than it was before. But they are soooooo beautiful :)

  2. I'm astonished how much there is out there when you really look. It's absolutely writhing with critters! Yesterday there were very tiny yellow & black flies crowding around, I have no idea what they were. Haven't seen any today, but then, haven't been out much (working now, darnit!). I've realised that most of the pollinating probably gets done by the very small bees that you barely notice unless you look very closely. The conspicuous white-tailed bumblebees are just stealing nectar from my broad beans, they drill in through the back of the flowers, cheeky buggers!