Saturday, 23 May 2009

Overview, May 22nd

If you're thinking 'that base won't hold up that rotary drier!', you're right - it's too small, I'll have to think of something else or get a bigger one. :)

Things are looking more attractive now that all the polythene, bubble wrap, and plastic milk bottles are gone. Even the netting has been put away, which I hope won't prove too foolish. The white chairs do stand out as an eyesore, I may improvise some sort of cover for them.

The new bed is planted with Modus and Minidor bush French beans, a couple of stray Masterpiece Longpod broad beans, rocket, and Beetroot Chioggia. The new bamboo tripod has the rather ill-treated Feltham First peas planted at its foot - they waited a bit too long to go out, I'll see how they do.

I found a handsome ladybird doing her stuff. Ych, look at the state of my nails - that's gardening for you.


  1. Just found your blog and I have to say it's amazing! What an incredible transformation in such a short space of time!

    Makes me wonder though, just how people can prefer to have a garden that looked like it did when you arrived to the one you're now working on! Brilliant stuff, shall definitely come back for to see how you're getting on!

  2. The garden really is coming together you must be very proud.

    I think that’s a harlequin one of the recently introduced badies, but don't destroy it as it will still eat all the pests. You're luck I have no real ladybird population yet in the garden this year very strange as I provided many different habitats and left all the autumnal seed heads etc till mid spring so they should have had enough shelter to over winter last year but only to ladybirds thus far and certainly no ladybird on ladybird action.

  3. Callum, thanks for the encouragement! We couldn't see any sign that the previous tenants had ever set foot out of the back door. I think the letting agency mowed the lawn about twice a year, and that's about all that has been done in the past few years, I think.

    Kella, I hope your ladybirds start to emerge soon! I've seen maybe 3 or 4 so far, they're not very obvious but they're there. Yesterday I saw what I think was a newly hatched cinnabar moth, and today, I disturbed a mass of teeny little spiderlets - there's a strong sense of things hatching and emerging everywhere I look. So far, though, have only lost one cabbage leaf to caterpillars. The scramble-it-all-up planting pattern does seem to baffle them a bit. Hurray. :) (I hope I'm not speaking too soon...)